The WOW Factor

What is it that makes you say WOW when you walk into a well appointed room?
is it the way the shapes and colors seem to work together or is it a particular object that stands out, something uniquely shaped or strikingly beautiful because of its sheen or texture?
The WOW factor is about more than any one element. It happens when an inspired creative mind uses all the elements of design together in a way that allows their love and passion for beauty to produce a design that is proportionally correct, balanced and flowing.
This type of result, the WOW factor, is different for everyone.
What would make you say WOW if you could create the room of your dreams?
Would it be a sparsely decorated room with neutral gray walls and furnishings, and a bright red chair?
Maybe your WOW factor is more about comfort than color contrast. Would you be more likely to say WOW if you walked into a butter yellow room with a soft chocolate brown velour Sofa?
Only you know what would make you feel that inner WOW. The question is, how do you get that image from your brain to your living space?
A good designer will take the time to help you decide what you really want.  She will listen carefully and show you many images. Good design does not happen on the Fly. She will help you plan your project and find the unique objects that will create the WOW factor you are hoping for.
A well thought out plan which will include all your wants and needs at a price you can afford, takes skill and experience. You will need the help of a highly organized, experienced person to guide you thru the land mines of a remodel or the redecoration of your home.
So many people try to bring their dreams to life on their own and end up with a nightmare.
People save money using a designer because they avoid making serious mistakes and having to replace things they purchased that didn’t work for one reason or another.
Most designers will be able to design and decorate any style, but it is wise to find out what they specialize in, if you really want that WOW factor, because we all do best when working from a place of passion.

Take time to get to know someone before hiring them to design your dream home. Finding a compatible designer can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

About slhdesign

I'm a Wife,Mother,Grandmother and Interior Designer. My passion is "helping people" especially through their Design Dilemmas. I have many years of education and experience to share with those needing guidance on how to Remodel, Redesign or Re purpose their rooms and possessions
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