Being a designer/decorator of interior spaces, and a student of psychology and human behavior, I am fascinated by how different people describe “beauty.”

The key word here is “different”.  It only stands to reason that since there is so much variety in people’s backgrounds,  intellects, educations and emotions, that they we should find that we are more comfortable surrounded by objects and colors that relate to who we are as individuals.


Did you ever wonder why some people want a minimalist environment while others love to surround themselves with “stuff?”

What about those who absolutely love wild patterns and colors as opposed to an environment consisting mostly of soft colors?

What if those two people with totally opposing tastes are living together and trying to create a surrounding that they will both be comfortable in?

Is there a right and wrong way to design or decorate a home?
Would you be surprised to hear that a good designer will never begin a project until she knows a lot about the ones who will be living in the space?

Did you ever think about doing a remodel or decorating your home but find that you don’t know what style you like?

To understand ourselves and our tastes well enough to put thousands of dollars into renovating our homes, it some-times takes another pair of eyes and ears, especially if those eyes and ears have years of experience helping people work through their design dilemmas.

As I said before we are all different.
Take the logical left- brained type. this person lives mostly in his or her head and doesn’t necessarily notice much about their surroundings, unless the colors get too bright or the patterns get too busy, or things get cluttered. If any or all of these conditions are present, they may begin to feel uncomfortable and irritable and not know why.
An out-going artistic or otherwise creative type, who is more right brained, loves people and entertaining, will probably feel bored and stifled unless they have some colorful interesting object around them.
There are endless personality combination’s but they will all benefit by learning more about their tastes, and thinking about why they prefer one thing over another.  This is where an experienced designer is a great help.


The homes that people grew up in, or places they have lived since, have an influence on them as well. Certain colors or styles will be preferred or disliked depending on what memories are associated with them.

While style and color may be the first thing one thinks of when considering a designers help, Making a clear plan based on the clients needs wishes and values, and establishing function as the priority, will always be the sign of a good designer.
Most designers are capable of both right and left brain activities and are very helpful in guiding their clients through the design process.They will  be quite helpful in keeping the project on budget and working as a liaison between the client and other professionals such as architects, builders and contractors.
They have access to products that are sold to the trade only and can find unique objects and furnishings so that the client doesn’t need to shop till they drop!

About slhdesign

I'm a Wife,Mother,Grandmother and Interior Designer. My passion is "helping people" especially through their Design Dilemmas. I have many years of education and experience to share with those needing guidance on how to Remodel, Redesign or Re purpose their rooms and possessions
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